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  • Cadences

    The cadence of old stories still rings true. They lie scarred and tattered in the mind. Unfinished, unfathomed, unplumbed.   And then you see something, Hear something… And a hazy structure of accretions arise again.   Elements re-emerge and re-arrange themselves. Suddenly, an old story comes alive again.   And strangely, blessedly; Till I write […]

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  • A Writing Rule, I Think…

    One Rule

    I believe I have stumbled upon one inviolate rule of writing, at least for me: You should not try and attempt to read a new, powerful piece of fiction while writing fiction yourself. You need your own voice to be imprinted upon your works. If you reside within the magic world of a powerful word […]

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  • Battling Fear : A Writing Game

    Ladies and gentlemen! We have THE FEAR! Fear… Fear… Fear… Fear has arrived and is trying to entrench itself in this contestant’s mind by blotting out all hope, all motivation – all the stories. Over the roar of fear, the soft hum of creativity fades and falters. And it is a full soul-sucking fear. That […]

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  • Gorgeous Photos But Proofing Fail

      So much content nowadays, offline and online, contains glaring errors. Which simply underscores the need for conscientious Editors and Proofreaders to vet the material and only then hit the ‘Publish’ button. Here’s a beautiful set of photos for you: http://www.mymodernmet.com/profiles/blogs/killian-schonberger-foggy-europe Marred, quite seriously, by the headline: I have commented on the post to let […]