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  • Chant of the Inner Child

    Twin Flames

    We all are children, adrift in the harshest world… Forever afeared and covering it, Forever seeking, forever stoic.   We may add a few layers of growth, But that tenderness at the core remains. Whether it’s shielded, shrouded or indulged.   The most wonderful things can come out of it, So much impetus for love, […]

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  • Cadences

    The cadence of old stories still rings true. They lie scarred and tattered in the mind. Unfinished, unfathomed, unplumbed.   And then you see something, Hear something… And a hazy structure of accretions arise again.   Elements re-emerge and re-arrange themselves. Suddenly, an old story comes alive again.   And strangely, blessedly; Till I write […]

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  • The Question of Ecstasy

    Weeks go by, shrouded in indoor sublimation. A drowsy fuzziness. An amiable darkness. While the rain calls and beckons.   I slip from sleeplessness to epiphany. Through a touch of the profound.   Oh ecstasy, how dear you are to me! One day I glimpsed you in a heron’s white flight above a greenish-dark bamboo […]

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  • Sleepy Summer Song

    Sun Bright

    Summer unlocks itself in mango intensity. The social stream is not salvation, On satin smooth afternoons of mellow sun.   My days hold a measure of bliss, Looking at the sun, smiling in burning light— Sunlight like lavender.   Red-orange haze under closed lids. A play of light and shadow. Serendipity is another name for […]

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  • A Delicate Balance

    Our fates, delicate. Strung on a single strand of spider web. Like that child soaring with glee high up on a swing. Next moment crying, hurt; in utter devastation. With a ring of mourners. Kids and caregiving grandparents trying to comfort her painful flightlessness.   But even if she knew of this moment in advance. […]

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  • Stillness Awakened

    I am beset by noise in my stillness today. The whining, tortured cry of the children’s swing in the playground outside. The water purifier’s song – an incessant twanging.   From a discussion of poetry online, I turn to the quiet succor of images.   And in the upturned earth of my ploughed being, Through […]