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  • Cold


    The cold and dark no longer scare me. Here, on the empty, cobbled pavement facing the garbage processing center, I make my fire. It burns warm and orange-gold. All my gold I gave. Now the cars and bikes and buses whizzing past witness the last spark of my life. Into the blaze I put the […]

  • Nanowrimo
  • Happy NaNoWriMo 2015!

    It's NaNo Time!

    Happy November, writers! It’s that special time of the year again when it’s all about writing and writers: It’s NaNoWriMo 2015 time! I wanted to wish all the participating writers all the very best. Those 50,000 words are nothing compared to your resolve, passion and enthusiasm. Go and win this thing! (But don’t forget to […]

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  • Chant of the Inner Child

    Twin Flames

    We all are children, adrift in the harshest world… Forever afeared and covering it, Forever seeking, forever stoic.   We may add a few layers of growth, But that tenderness at the core remains. Whether it’s shielded, shrouded or indulged.   The most wonderful things can come out of it, So much impetus for love, […]